Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Drascombe Golden Jubilee rally, 7-9 July 2017

The Drascombe fleet working its way from Portland across to Lulworth Cove.  I think Daisy II is the left hand boat in the foreground.  It was becoming quite loppy by that stage
This rally was in celebration of fifty years of Drascombes.  The first, Katharine Mary, was built and launched by the late John Watkinson in 1967.  I wasn't going to miss this large gathering of Drascombes, organised by Churchouse Boats.  
39.8nm  Red track was from 7th July - the trip to Lulworth Cove.  The yellow track was a bit of fun racing in Portland Harbour followed by free sailing in and around Weymouth Bay.
Safe launching at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.  Why don't they have slipways like this on the east coast...?

Friday July 7th; trip to Lulworth Cove

Drifter Pellew on the trip to Lulworth Cove

Pellew and Daisy II on the final stretch into Lulworth Cove

Daisy II on the right and a large section of the fleet.

The Dorset Jurassic Coast

Anchored in Lulworth Cove

Drascombers at rest!!

Leaving Lulworth Cove

Berthed at WPNSA

A land trip up to the top of Portland, looking back north towards the harbour, Chesil Beach and Weymouth.

Berthing view

Saturday - sailing in Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay
Drascombe manouevres - technically a race with no wind!

Occasionally, a puff of wind filled a portion of the sail

More racing!

After 'racing' I sailed out of the harbour and round to Weymouth Bay. 
Drascombe rafts in Weymouth Bay

Coaster Virginia which featured, under its former ownership, in these pages on one of my summer cruises.

And here are the pictures of what it's all about.  The first Drascombe, lugger Katharine Mary restored by Churchouse Boats.
Katharine Mary, fifty years young...!

Your author with beer before supper

Another first for me - the Drascombe Service on the final morning, prior to departure and the return 5 hour road trip!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

WIP River Orwell - Drascombe Association Rally

Coasters: Daisy II, Robcat II
Luggers: Jimbo, Rita May
Winkle Brig: Cockle.
plus a Mirror Dinghy!

We haven't been back to the River Orwell for a Drascombe Association rally for several years and, as this was supposed to be a 'grand fleet' event in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Drascombes, Suffolk Yacht Harbour at Levington seemed the perfect venue.  For some reason, our fleet was somewhat smaller than expected, but no less enjoyable for it.  The select company had two splendid days of sailing in some quite testing winds and made the most of this delightful river.

We gathered on Friday and Saturday morning.  Levington Marina, as it is often called, shows few signs of the austerity which has afflicted the rest of the country.  The latest edition to several impressive new buildings is a shower block with marble effect fittings, heated seats in the showers, and fancy lights which fire up when one pulls at the soap dispenser.  Still, the Haven Ports Yacht Club continues to offer good fare and we ate well and in good company each evening.

Winds throughout the weekend were strong and quite gusty - F5 gusting 6 at times, from the south on Saturday with more of a south westerly feel on Sunday.  Nonetheless, it was pleasing that all  confronted these challenging conditions, well reefed,  participating in the sails each day.
On Saturday, we made our way upstream with the tide, and returned to Pin Mill for an HW picnic lunch on the green,  Kings boatyard kindly allowed us to raft up on their excellent pontoon.

On Sunday, we sailed against the tide up into Harwich harbour and anchored to take a look at the ever imposing and incredible container ships, before returning to harbour to take out boats and return home.