Saturday, 22 May 2010

May 22nd - Trip to the Naze Tower, Walton on the Naze

Today, I took advantage of some splendid weekend weather to take in a trip of reasonable length, involving the open sea, and some tacking practice.

I thought it was about time to go and see the Naze tower at Walton on the Naze, from the sea.  Unfortunately, the wind pretty much gave up whilst at sea, and its general north easterly flow had made the sea state rather loppy - fine when there is wind to work with, but no fun whilst waiting for such a breeze;  so, having reached the tower, I retreated to more sheltered waters, whereupon the breeze magically returned, and I had a marvellous run back through Harwich harbour, topping 7 knots on the new flood. 

I had some great times tacking today:  one section on the outward trip with the ebb, out through Harwich harbour; then following a long run almost up to the A14 Orwell bridge, I turned back against wind and tide, and tacked back to the mooring - hence the photo which  was kindly taken by some friends who happened to be on the river.

The total trip length was 27.0nm - one of my longer day trips....
The season's total now stands at 72.2nm.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Early May tracks

A couple of tracks from early May.  The longer one 12.9nm consisted of a lovely "Mayday" (3rd May) sail out through Harwich harbour and beyond the breakwater pier at Blackman's Head.  It was splendid to catch the season's first glimpse of the Naze tower.  A trip planned for Saturday 22nd May will hopefully revisit this haunt, and to take in this area in more detail, perhaps to catch a look at Walton and Frinton from the sea.
The other track was a rather more sedate 7.9nm from 9th May, which consisted of a pleasant sail to a favourite lunchtime anchorage opposite Trinity Container Terminal; watching the container ships always provides an interesting viewing point.  Total distance for season now stands at:  45.2nm.