Sunday, 1 February 2015

Seahopper assembly

Boat assembly, Seahopper style.

Bag laid out
hull removed
opened out revealing centre case and hinged stern transom 
port side stern transom fixed in place
and the starboard side; boat begins to take shape.
centre thwart in place
centre thwart pushed into place, stainless steel latches and turn buckles under the seat near the centrecase secured
stern thwart in place (subsequently read the instructions which suggest this should be done after the bow is sorted...)
bow, showing inner membrane
bow board in place
bow thwart in place with latches secured
boat completed for rowing purposes.
stern board in place - this can support an outboard, if required - except that I don't have one!
the stern board is more useful for the tiller
help from the cat!
side seats in place
mast hoisted and stays secured.
It was very windy today, so I did unfurl the sails and studied the rigging but didn't go any further.

Assembly didn't take long: I'm looking forward to the first launching opportunity.