Saturday, 24 April 2010

April 18th - Orwell

A follow-up cruise on the Orwell, taking the last of the incoming tide towards Ipswich and under the bridge, and then joining the early ebb back to the mooring.  Crew consisted of myself, assisted by Sally, Tom, Gilly and James. Picnic, South East of the bridge.  Sailing until final tack opposte Woolverstone, when outboard was utilised.  6.9nm. Odometer now reading 24.4nm.

Friday, 16 April 2010

First cruise of the new season April 14th-15th.

Cleaning, polishing, antifouling all complete.  Time for the sailing season to commence in earnest...  So, launched onto the hard at Pin Mill on 14th April and waited for the tide.  Decided to stop overnight, so had a pleasant couple of cruises under jib and mizzen, in a F4 north/north easterly breeze.  In between times, made use of the Butt and Oyster public house...


Various modifications made, not the least of which are a new mast enabling electrics at the mast head - anchor light now installed, and various handy storage bags both in the cabin and in the cockpit - should help reduce the number of rope ends lying around the place. 

I have now joined the handheld VHF brigade, having finally been converted and attended an excellent RYA VHF course in February.  Quite how we managed all those years before VHF, I'll never know, but I am told this is a 'must have' safety device.  Personally, I view it as little more than a toy, and hope, of course, never to have to use it in anger... this can be seen sitting in the new bag on the starboard side bulkhead.  The model is a Raymarine 101E. Thames Coastguard forecasts gratefully received. 

I also upgraded the map on the GPS, which now provides a much more definitive picture of my position.

 Also, a new tender - a Bic245, yet to be christened - which should make access to the mooring from shore more enjoyable.


The first two tracks involved some pleasant sailing under jib and mizzen, up and down the Orwell, in F4 north-easterly breeze. Total distance covered, 17.5nm.