Friday, 27 August 2010

August 27 - Rutland Water

GPS image of sailing track at Rutland
Time for a change!  I took Daisy II off her mooring on August 25th intending to do some sailing at other locations and, eventually, to attend the Drascombe Association Norfolk Broads rally organised for September.  Finally, the weather cleared up, and the first stop was Rutland Water.  I've been here before but not for a couple of years.  Despite incessant rain over the past few days, the reservoir was lower than I have previously experienced - by at least a couple of metres.  Launched at Whitwell Watersports centre - good value at £10 for use of a very straightforward, user-friendly slipway.  13.2nm later, returned to the same slip.  For some reason, boats were not allowed to go in the south-western arm of the reservoir which is a shame - it would have been good to do it all.  Wind was Northerly, gusting 3-4 initially, but eventually settled down and then completed disappeared - just as well I was close to the slipway by that stage - no engines allowed at Rutland.  Total distance now stands at 312.8nm. 
The following images show some points of interest - firstly, the engineering feat that Rutland Water must be.  The trees from this wood obviously had to be felled in order to facilitate the reservoir - all that is left are these worn out stumps!  Secondly, the slipway which is remarkably user-friendly.
The slipway at Whitwell

Thursday, 19 August 2010

August 17-18; Orwell, Dovercourt bay, Walton Backwaters - a new jib!!

Following an extended absence (family holiday in USA) it was time to fit my new jib - superb workmanship from R&J Sails.  Took a brief trip on 17th (red track).  Then, on 18th, following a loppy night on the mooring - westerley wind against the tide - took an extended day cruise leaving the mooring at 7.15am.  Leaving the mooring at HW, I sailed out through Harwich harbour, across Dovercourt Bay and anchored off Horsey Island in the Walton Backwaters for 'brunch' at 10.30am.  I then returned to base, with a brief anchorage in Dovercourt Bay, finishing off with a wonderful beat up the Orwell back to base.  Wind on the 18th was F4-5 Westerley.  Sailing the entire way, the eventual log was 25.2nm.  This brings the season's total to: 299.6nm.
Next week, I shall run another trip (weather permitting) and then take the boat off the mooring, and launch again on the Norfolk Broads, in preparation for the forthcoming Drascombe Association Hickling Broad Rally in mid September.