Sunday, 29 April 2012

April 29th, Orwell

6.3nm; Season's total 30.3nm
Fought off the weekend rain to grab a sail on Sunday evening around HW.  Fortunately, the forecast was correct, and the rain stopped mid-afternoon, the winds eased, and I had a very pleasant sail with all three up in F3 conditions.  Took the tide to the Orwell Bridge and then had a pleasant beat back to the mooring.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Launching and first sail of 2012...

The links below are of video taken on the trip back from the Walton Backwaters, early on Sunday April 22nd, 2012.
Leaving the anchorage in Hamford Water

Exit from Walton Backwaters

Approaching Harwich

Harwich Harbour - approaching Harwich shelf

Sailing in the Orwell

This is an account of my first sail of 2012.

Inclement weather
 I launched at noon on Saturday 21st April following a difficult pre-season, not least because of the weather.  In this respect, it can be seen that this weekend was no better.  However, whilst sailing, I managed to avoid the worst of it, and conditions were only really squally whilst at anchor.  However, it was a little intimidating as the evening storms amassed over land and worked their way eastwards towards me, watching the forks of lightning and thinking that my lowly Drascombe mast was the tallest object for miles around...
Replacement glazing put to the test...
 I sailed to the Walton Backwaters, and anchored in the upper part of Hamford Water.  The solitude was refreshing, and I had a chance to fiddle with various parts of the boat.
Sunrise, 5.28am
 On Sunday morning, sunrise was at 5.28am.  Dawn/Sunrise are often the best parts of the day, and I like to observe these events - all made possible by my predictable lack of sleep whilst aboard.
This was also a first opportunity to try out my new barton sliding track for the mainsheet, as fitted during the winter by Churchouse Boats.  Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the outcome.
Early morning cruise
 Leaving the anchorage before 7am, I had a wonderful sail back to the mooring at Pin Mill.  I have taken some video footage which is the link from the first picture above.  The wind was a pleasant and steady F3/4 from the South.  The sail, particularly through Harwich harbour and into the Orwell, was splendid, and more than compensated for a subsequent broken trailer when manoeuvring at Pin Mill - the tow ball connection (trailer side) clouted a wall, buckling the mechanism, and preventing any secure connection to my tow bar.  I managed to use some webbing to make an improvised connection and  nurse the poor beast along to a trailer 'doctor', 8 miles away, in Ipswich, leaving it there for them to find on Monday morning...
Lots of exciting plans for 2012.  Many folk have commented, enthusiastically, about this blog, including a gentleman who spoke to me soon after launching at Pin Mill, talking about his plans for purchasing a Coaster, and shipping it out to East Africa!  Now, pirates aside, that would be some adventure...

Various reasons for a delay to the start of the sailing season...

The general has been less than helpful...
Replacement forestay required...
Courtesy of Rig-magic at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, I have a new forestay and have changed the coupling at the foot of the forestay from a snap-shackle, to a pelican hook (picture to follow).  I've also slightly adjusted the mast rake, bringing the top of the mast further aft.  It will be interesting to see how this will change the sailing characteristics of the boat.
Captain likes to fiddle...
And, of course, other commitments... such as Drascombe Association work (counting subs) and my musical commitments (see my other blog).

However, finally Daisy II was launched on Saturday 21st April, rather later than planned.