Monday, 22 April 2019

Bank holiday sail at Rutland Water

Seizing the moment - and before the,‘ Aqua-park' season - this was an enjoyable sail in F4 easterly conditions.

13.0 nm

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

2019 Shakedown cruise

Back on the water.  This is the Blackwater with F5, gusting F6 easterly winds.  So, going upstream against the tide, the jib worked well enough. 

Daisy II
 has been quiet for several months, but things have been happening and, at last, it was good to be back on the water.

Monday 15th April - White track (6.7nm); Tuesday 16th April - red track (30.9nm); Wednesday 17th April (9.0nm).  Total track length 46.6nm
I've been having issues getting the Garmin software to work with Google Maps.  The above is a compromise for now, whilst working a better way round the various barriers which seem to be in the way.

Log summary:  
Monday 15th April.  Launched at Bradwell Marina.  Winds F5/6 easterly.  Tide receding.  Left the Marina at noon, mid-tide, set full jib and worked a way upstream.  Conditions were awkward with big 'wind-over-tide' waves midstream.  Stuck to the edges of the channel where the water was calmer.  Worked upstream to Lawling Creek for anchorage.
Tuesday 16th April.  Winds F3/4 easterly backing north-easterly.  Took the tide down to Heybridge and then turned with the fresh ebb to work downstream.  Lunch at anchor off Bradwell Power Station.  The seas had calmed down sufficiently to sail across to the Colne for evening anchorage in Pyefleet Channel.
Wednesday 17th April.  Becalmed.  Motored back to Bradwell Marina, pulling the boat out at 12 noon.

Daisy II waiting patiently on the jetty at Bradwell Marina

Bradwell Marina continues to offer an excellent slipway, and remains a great place from which to cruise this wonderful sailing area.

So much better than the oval windows on other Drascombe coasters

Sunset on Pyefleet

The exciting repair is a new rudder/mizzen capping since the old one was completely warped and in danger of falling apart.  This new one is from Churchouse Boats - they made it specifically to fit since the old one seemed to be slightly different in size from their standard fitting.