Sunday, 27 May 2018

Norfolk Broads - southern rivers cruise WIP

This post covers the end of May cruise based in the River Yare, and covering also Breydon Water, the lower part of the River Waveney and the River Chet.

Cruising along the lower reaches of the River Yare

61.0nm  Launched 26th May - red section; 27th May - green section

Put together with the Lowestoft loop earlier this month (see previous blog entry) the following shows the combined tracks covering most of the southern rivers with the exception of the Waveney (which has been covered on a number of previous occasions).

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Lowestoft Loop, 12-13 May (WIP)

Participating boats:
Coasters: Daisy II, Kathleen
Luggers: Jimbo, Rita May

Skipper: Daisy II

Skipper: Kathleen

Skipper and First Mate: Rita May

Skipper and Able Seaman: Jimbo

Friday evening moorings kindly supplied by Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club

Jimbo entering the lock at Oulton Broad

Fleet departing Oulton Broad lock into Lowestoft harbour

Rita May departing Lowestoft harbour

Daisy II departs Lowestoft harbour

Kathleen riding the swelling waves as she departs Lowestoft harbour

Fleet making steady progress from Lowestoft

Kathleen and Jimbo heading towards Great Yarmouth

Kathleen ready for more action off Gorleston

Jimbo making good use of little wind on Breydon Water

Daisy II moored at Reedham Ferry

Reedham Ferry staithe
Entering the New Cut to St Olaves

Slow progress along the New Cut

Plenty of clearance under St Olaves road bridge

Fleet gives up on the wind...

Red track, Saturday 12th May, Yellow track 13th May; 33.3nm

Monday, 7 May 2018

Early May Bank Holiday on the Blackwater

Early May


Day 1: Circumnavigating Osea and Northey Islands.


Day 2: Trip up the Colne