Thursday, 30 June 2011

Friday June 24th

5.3nm, 205.5nm
Friday was going to be my only chance for a sail this weekend due to other commitments.  So, stole out of work at the bell, and rushed down to Pin Mill.  Had a marvellous time with all 3 up, unreefed, F3/4 beating my way upstream, and then a good run back to base.  This has to be the first time for many weekends that the winds were relatively benign - and even then, the boat heeled over considerably during the gusts.  So, it was certainly worth it, just for the short time I was there, particularly since the wind then took off again the next day.  We must seize our moments...!

Sunday June 19th

No track today, but some photos.  Arrived at the boat with Sally, Gilly, Mark & Kris, only to find that the lock mechanism to the cabin had broken, leaving us locked out.  We still managed a sail, though but I was unable to access any electrics.  I would guess at about 5nm.  The inshore forecast was F5-7, gusting F8 at first.  As with yesterday, things weren't that bad up the Orwell, and we motored our way up towards the Orwell bridge for a bite of lunch, and then, with reefed main jib and mizzen, we had a splendid run downstream almost as far as Levington.  Winds were very variable, and the gusts needed careful handling.  Must have hit speeds of at least 6 knots - pity there was no GPS to prove it.  Then motored back to base, and had a pleasant birthday meal in honour of the Captain, in the Butt & Oyster.
I'm guessing 5nm, probably more, so the season's total now stands at 200.2nm.

Captain's wife makes a rare but welcome appearance

motoring back to the mooring

view of Butt & Oyster spoilt by some bloke in the foreground...

the closest I'll ever get to a trapeze!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Force 6 to gale force 8, storm force 9 at first"

10.4nm, 195.2 nm total
An inshore waters forecast with 6, 8s and a 9 mentioned anywhere should be enough to make anyone think twice.  However, in the event, things were a good deal more sheltered within the Orwell, albeit very gusty.
This was a day for jib and mizzen, both with a roll in...  Left home at about 4am, and cast off from the mooring soon after 6am, and had the run of the river for a while!

Made my way down to Harwich harbour, and then worked my way back up to base, dodging various charging fleets of racing yachts, and anchoring on the west shore for a while.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Saturday June 11th, Orwell and Felixstowe Bay

20.2nm, Season's total 184.8nm
Pin Mill Sailing Club Smack Race
Today's sail was particularly memorable for two wonderful reasons.  Firstly, Pin Mill Sailing Club Smack Race took place.  The sight of these wonderful boats was a joy to behold.
Good to see her afloat

Gipsy Moth IV
Secondly, the East Anglian Sailing Club at Levington had chartered Gipsy Moth IV, inviting people to sail her for £65/three hours.  I seriously thought about paying up, but then decided it would be better for Daisy II to sail alongside her.
Sir Francis Chichester's book about his voyage around the world was a great read.  Amazing to think of this wonderful yacht sailing the Southern Ocean, and rounding Cape Horn.
In real life, she looked smaller than I had imagined.  The last time I had seen her, she was in 'permanent' dry dock alongside the Cutty Sark at Greenwich.
It is so good to see her afloat again...

Interestingly, in his book, Chichester spent much of the pre-voyage trials moaning about the boat, and had serious reservations about her design.  She is still an iconic sailing vessel.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

June 1st 2nd - Orwell

23.4nm, Total 164.3nm
This started off with good intentions to work my way round to the Deben for a couple of overnight stops.  However, holiday ailments impeded such aims, and I ended up struggling around within the Orwell - really should have been back home in bed, but I'd only have spent that time wishing I was afloat...
A Wednesday jaunt down to Trinity terminal was followed by a more extensive Thursday sail in Harwich harbour...

Landguard fort, plus latest extension to Felixstowe Docks
tan sails