Sunday, 27 November 2011

Late autumn repairs and modifications...

From the last post, I never did manage another trip.  So...
....the season end, and time to see to some repairwork. Firstly, I had a couple of trailer keel rollers replaced with some harder compound rubber. Hopefully these will roll and I won't have to back-winch the boat off the trailer so often.
Also, following some attention last winter, I wanted an expert to look at the centreplate and have it fully serviced. The following pictures show the removed plate before and after renovation. Apparently, there was still plenty of mileage in the plate as it was, but it's along way to Churchouse Boats at Andover, and I wanted it sorted for peace of mind...

Original centreplate strop attachment

centreplate with track, fully removed and showing rust!

regalvanised centreplate ready for return

Also, the fibreglass housing at the ends of the original mainsheet horse has crumbled once again. When I first purchased the boat, I had a repair job done on this, and it has done well since, but hasn't lasted. It didn't help that I kept treading on the blasted pole whilst at sea. I decided to have the whole thing removed and a barton track installed, and the fibreglass patched up.  This brings Daisy II in line with newer coasters, except that this retro-fit is mounted on a lovely teak plinth whereas the new ones have a fibreglass mounting built in to the deck - I think I prefer the wood...  I know that some people do this sort of thing themselves, but I'll limit my woodwork to polishing, painting and varnishing and have the experts do the fiddly bits.
A lovely job by Stewart and his crew at Churchouse Boats.

New mainsheet track following removal of the old pole!