Sunday, 25 September 2011

September 24, return to the Orwell

Daisy II launched, amongst the dawn mist, onto the mud at Pin Mill

waiting for the tide...

Following last week's Drascombe rally, a 3.30am getaway helped me tow Daisy II back down to Pin Mill for the remainder of the season.  Once they started blowing, winds were pleasant F3 and southerly, which meant that I could keep all 3 sails up, unreefed.  The short sail had to be curtailed due to evening commitments back in Cambridge.  However it was all most definitely worth it.
6.6nm, Season's total 540.8nm

Sunday, 18 September 2011

September 16-18, Drascombe Association Rally, Oulton Broad to Geldeston Locks

Weatherscape convoy
Ten Drascombes gathered for the Oulton Broad to Geldeston Locks rally, September 16-18.  The list of participating boats is:
Scaffie: Honeysuckle Rose
Dabbers: Dottie, Teal, and Baffle
Lugger: Cutty Stark
Longboat: Jenny Morgan
Coasters: Espiritu, Blue Peter, Mudskipper, Daisy II

Blue Peter arrived earlier in the week, launching at Oulton Broad.  Five other boats used the same slipway on Friday and were also joined long-term Oulton Broad resident Jenny Morgan and Mudskipper which had travelled down from Hickling Broad earlier in the week.  Scaffie Honeysuckle Rose and Lugger Cutty Stark launched at the Waveney River Centre at Burgh St Peter, where there is a convenient campsite.

On Friday evening, skippers and crew joined together for beer and conversation at the Waveney and Oulton Yacht Club bar, which kindly provided moorings for our first night.

On Saturday, boats departed from Oulton Broad, under guidance from local expert Peter Waller.  We made our way to Burgh St Peter for a late morning coffee/early lunch/both!  We then sailed further along the Waveney to Beccles.  Daisy II, GPS track shown below, managed to clock up 60 consecutive tacks on this stretch, before an unwelcome squall descended and sails were, eventually, safely stowed, the remainer of the trip being made under motor.  Winds for the day were south westerly, F4/5 but with some interesting gusts, particularly as a prelude to the afternoon storm.
At Beccles, boats convened for some general mast lowering in order to negotiate the two road bridges.  Dabber Dottie needed to fetch further fuel supplies.  Daisy II picked up additional crew for the final motor/sail to Geldeston Locks, where we convened for a meal at the wonderful Locks Inn, and moored for the night.

On Sunday, most boats departed at 10am, although Baffle made an earlier 'getaway'.  We motor-sailed in light westerly winds for the return trip.
Energy-sapping preparations...on Oulton Broad
Blue Peter on Oulton Broad

Coaster Mudskipper , Oulton Broad

Dabber Baffle

Late morning coffee/lunch/dog-walking at Burgh St Peter

Lowering of masts at Beccles, extra crew alert...

Motoring from Beccles to Geldeston

Baffle's sneaky early-morning departure

Dabber Dottie

Coaster Espiritu
Sunday sailing in light winds

strange vegetation!

Red track Saturday, yellow from Sunday. 25.2nm; season's total 534.2nm

Detail of a part of the Saturday track up the Waveney, featuring a fantastic beat including 60 tacks, finally ended by an untimely squall...

The following pictures are copyright of Richard Hudson, skipper of Teal, and do a good job of filling in some gaps!  I think, with these, all participating boats are now featured.

Dabber: Baffle

Lugger: Cutty Stark

Coaster:  Espiritu - under boom?!

Scaffie: Honeysuckle Rose

Longboat: Jenny Morgan, moored at Beccles

Yours truly...

Moorings at The Locks Inn, Geldeston

Coaster: Mudskipper

Sunset over Oulton Broad

Decisions, decisions...