Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Where it all began

I happened upon these pictures of my late stepfather in his Drascombe lugger, Alouette, returning to his mooring in Minehead harbour, with my late Grandfather as crew.

My guess is that these pictures were taken in the early 1980s.  Prior to this, he owned a Dell Quay Fisherboat followed by a Dory.  After the Lugger, he went into inland river cruisers.  Whilst the Fisherboat, with its fabulous Saab diesel, was a wonderful boat, the Lugger was easily my favourite.  She had a dark blue hull with red and white boot stripe.  Dad always cared well for his boats and this one was in fantastic condition.  I wonder what became of her - he'd certainly sold her by the time I went to university in 1984.
Dad was at the helm.  As it happens, my Grandfather's birthday would have been today, 13th January 1914.  Both gentlemen were founder members of Minehead Sailing Club.  These pictures would have been taken from the end of the harbour wall, as they returned to port.
Without any doubt, it was the wonderful experiences I had sailing this boat which lured me into Drascombing.