Monday, 3 September 2018

Walton Backwaters - Drascombe Association Rally, 31st August - 2nd September

Sunday lunch at Stone Point
Ten participating boats:
Coasters: Daisy II, Dewiniaeth, Kathleen
Dabbers: Lily, Teal, Bob'n'Annie, Blue Teal
Luggers: Rita May, Petrel
BC23: Kestrel

White track, Friday 31st August (12.0nm); Red track, Saturday 1st Sept (13.2nm); White track, Sunday 2nd (10.2nm); Total track length: 40.0nm
Friday 31st August - trip from River Orwell to Titchmarsh Marina, Walton Backwaters
Just because it was possible, I decided to launch over in the Orwell.  Part of the fun of the Walton Backwaters is the trip across Dovercourt Bay over to the Walton Backwaters.  Unfortunately, I hadn't planned the tides very carefully and ended up motoring against the flood down the Orwell and, once in the Backwaters, against the ebb up the Walton Channel.  Still, it was a splendid sail across the bay from Harwich.

Saturday 1st September - cruising in the Backwaters, trip to Beaumont Quay
Daisy II leaving Titchmarsh Marina (courtesy of J. Peal)
Today, we left Titchmarsh soon after LW at 11am.  Winds were SE F3/4.  Sailing against the new flood out of the Walton Channel, we picked up the flood into Hamford Water.  After a bit of to and fro', we reached Landermere Quay, anchoring for lunch.
Dabbers amongst us helped those that could to reach the historic Beaumont Quay, the western most point of the navigation. 
Afterwards, with some flood still left, we sailed back down Landermere Creek, into Kirby Creek and across Horsey Mere, succeeding in crossing The Wade around HW at 4pm.
Bob'n'Annie in Hamford Water

Kestrel slipping along gracefully
Dewinaeth and Petrel

Blue Teal




Dabbers moored at Beaumont Quay

Lily taking to oar-power

Beaumont Quay - stones laid in the 1820s, recycled from the old London Bridge

Drascombes departing Landermere Creek



Blue Teal and Bob'n'Annie

Blue Teal leans into Kirby Creek!

Kestrel and Dewinaeth in Kirby Creek




Sunday 2nd September - lunch at Stone Point; departures...
 Today, a slightly reduced fleet repeated our trip along the Walton Channel, having another play in Hamford Water, before pulling up at Stone Point for lunch.  Thereafter, the fleet departed its various ways, some back to Titchmarsh, others back to the Orwell.


Beached at Stone Point

Panorama at Stone Point

Perhaps time to depart...

Dewinaeth back in Harwich Harbour