Saturday, 21 September 2013

Change of scene

Early autumn and the Drascombe Association Norfolk Broads rally at Hickling beckons.  Daisy II went back onto her trailer at 1am this morning with light from a full, although partially obscured moon and further help from a completely glassy sea: perfect conditions - if only they could be photographed for the record.
Back on the drive for an early autumn scrub, ready for the Norfolk Broads rally next weekend.

Back on the drive this morning and a perfect opportunity for a hose down and scrub.  Inevitably, the hull has attracted barnacles and various weeds, accumulated following almost four continuous months on the water.  The deck is also becoming a bit of a magnet for local bird life at Pin Mill - they've made a right mess of the spray hood in particular.  I may have to put in some anti-bird measures for her return to Pin Mill in early October.

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