Saturday, 14 September 2013

14 September, day trip before the first autumnal storm

Tomorrow's forecast is for high winds and rain as the first big storm of autumn hits the British Isles. It was good to make the best use of relatively benign conditions today with a trip to Felixstowe and back.  Winds were N F4 with a few F5 gusts beginning to come over towards the end of the trip.  With all three sails unreefed, I had a pleasant run, against the early flood, down to Felixstowe, and then a lovely beat back with the tide towards Levington.  As the corner was turned to the NW stretch of the Orwell, some more sizeable gusts began to run across the river, and I furled the mizzen and reefed the jib about halfway back to prevent excessive heeling.  A splendid sail.
8.6nm; season's total 614.4nm
Next weekend, I'll be taking her off the mooring in order to attend the following weekend's Norfolk Broads rally based at Hickling.  HW springs suggest a Friday-Saturday midnight recovery onto the trailer  might be in order...

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