Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer holiday shakedown cruise

Another snap at Snape.  I had planned to sail further north, but the weather wasn't right, so I nipped in through Orford Haven and, once again, found myself here.
So, school is done for another year and the plan, as usual, is to do as much sailing as possible.  There is a plan for a longer cruise and that may or may not happen - entirely weather dependent.  If it does, these pages will be the first to report it.  In the mean time, the past few days have been a chance to shake off term time and grab a taste of some sea air!
 Sunday 23rd July
The galley in action...

Monday 24th July - trip to Snape

And then it rained...

Tuesday 25th July - return to the Orwell via Old Harwich
Following yesterday's rain, an early start at 5.30am, and a pleasant return trip out through Orford Haven and back down the coast to the Orwell. Winds were NW F3-5.
I love the shapes of these shifting sands - view towards Orford Haven from within.
The entrance to Orford Haven always has its challenges.  It was good to leave today without using the engine - although conditions were relatively calm, the sea was still very troubled by testing overfalls just beyond the red Oxley navigation marker.  Still, as ever, Daisy II took it all in her stride and, with full main alone, I sailed out to sea and down the coast.
There's plenty of room for us both...

Surprisingly vacant Halfpenny Pier

Daisy II returns to the Orwell (photos courtesy of Dave)


  1. What a great time and adventure! Impressive to me is the "rain " picture: ok if you are at sea on sailing, but very hard to manage when you are moored. Is it your tent a water-proof?

    1. Enrico, in addition to the cabin, I have a spray hood canopy which I replaced this year and which does a good job at deflecting bad weather. It's always good to know that I have a dry place to retire to each evening after a sail.