Sunday, 21 September 2014

River Waveney, Norfolk Broads - Drascombe Association Rally, 19-21 September 2014

This was the final Drascombe Association rally of 2014 and featured a varying number of boats, depending on the various pitfalls which befell the various participants.  At some time or another, the following boats were launched:
Coasters:Daisy II, Swift Tern, Nonsuch, Sapphire II, 
Longboat Cruiser: Puffin
Longboat: Jenny Morgan
Gig: Tra Bhui
Lugger: Muckle Flugga
Eight from the twelve who were booked in at the beginning of the week isn't a bad return!

Our hosts were the Waveney River Centre, which is a charming location roughly two miles from Oulton Broad and about eight miles from Beccles. 
The slipway is wide, with plenty of room.

Stern-to moorings at Waveney River Centre

Skippers and crew making final preparations for Saturday's trip!

On Saturday, for our planned return trip to Beccles, conditions were overcast and rather damp with a very light northerly breeze (F2-3).  Once the reeds and treelined riverbank took the edge off the wind, there was little left for us, so a good deal of time was spent motoring, or motor sailing.  However, various boats managed substantial periods of time without engine, particularly on the return trip.

Jenny Morgan ahead of Daisy II making what they could of the little wind available!

Gig Tra Bhui motor sailing

Daisy II arriving at Beccles, picnic awaiting!

Swift Tern bringing up the rear of the fleet!

The rare sight of Daisy II gaining a welcome crew member for the return trip!

Yours truly!

Muckle Flugga in motion!

Puffin in full sail!

Such a pity the wind wasn't playing!

Tra Bhui waiting for wind!

Jenny Morgan hitches a lift after terminal outboard woes....

Look, no helmsman!

Evening meal

Conditions on Sunday morning were rather clearer, although no less helpful - F5 gusting higher, sunny intervals with showers.  

Cheery sunshine on Sunday morning; a colourful array of Drascombes awaiting action!
Our planned trip to Oulton Broad went ahead, although the gusting wind made for some interesting manoeuvres.
A lugger sandwich?  Muckle Flugga leading the way on Sunday morning!

Mastless Sapphire II stops for elevenses just off Oulton Broad

Jib and high-peaked mizzen is the order of the day for Longboat Cruiser Puffin and her charmingly boisterous skipper and crew!  Taking a boozy short leave of their nymphs from the shore, the crew member was singing a rendition of the Sailor's Chorus from Act III of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas!

Jenny Morgan in familiar territory

Swift Tern making a charming habit of arriving last in the fleet!

Puffin's high-peaked mizzen looking splendid, motoring along Oulton Dyke.
The wide and gently sloping slipway at the Waveney River Centre was very straight forward with easy access, plenty of room for rigging and laying up and reasonable charges for usage.
Tra Bhui on dry land.
Daisy II returns to terra firma, being readied for the trip home.
17.6nm; red track - return trip to Beccles on 20th September; yellow track - return trip to Oulton Broad on Sunday 21st September

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