Saturday, 5 October 2013

5th October; return to the Orwell for the final phase of the season

...and what a brilliant season it has been.  I've already sailed further than ever before and, for once, the weather has been kind - we actually had a reasonable summer.  Hopefully, I'll have some short weekend trips this month and, weather permitting, an overnight trip during half term at the end of October, prior to pulling her out early in November.

In preparation for launching today, I had to replace the jockey wheel on the trailer, the thread in the old one having given way - my fault for not greasing it this season.  The new one works a treat.
New jockey wheel
I launched on the private slip opposite King's boatyard at HW today.  The usual back-winching followed by a gentle shove and, with painter in hand, the launch was beautifully controlled.  I then walked her along the pontoon and tied up so that I can sort out trailer, car and tender.
Slipway opposite King's boatyard at Pin Mill
Winds were light today, westerly F3 dwindling, eventually, to virtually nothing.  Once I had stepped the mast and sorted out the rigging on the mooring, I left the tender and went for a gentle sail upstream around HW.  Eventually, with the tide ebbing and the wind diminishing, I turned and, with the ebb running as fast as the wind, had a 'windless' run back to the mooring.
Daisy II once again back on her mooring
I've tried to leave things so that local birds don't make a mess on the sprayhood.  We'll see if this works but I fear I may have to resort to previous tactics involving string and old CDs.
4.1nm; season's total 637.9nm

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