Monday, 17 June 2013

Return to the Orwell, 16 June

Following a couple of hugely enjoyable Drascombe Association rallies, it was good to return to base.

Things were not entirely straightforward, however.  Firstly, neap tides meant a lack of water to launch at Pin Mill and, whilst this hasn't stopped me in the past dry-launching onto the mud, this method is not without its trials: for one, it has the potential to grind off some anti-fouling from the hull.  So, I played it safe and launched, at some expense, upstream at Woolverstone Marina.  Perfectly straightforward slip, but vastly under-used, and one can see why when I was charged £29.75 for a one-way launch.  I'm sure such steep charges are intended to put off custom and this is a real shame since they have plenty of room for laying up, sufficient space for two or three boats to launch at once.  They could make much more from this if charges were reduced and a handy jetty was built to tie up temporarily whilst removing car and trailer.  This is the first time I've used this slip and, all being well, 'twill be the last for some years...

Today's log was hampered by a boat having parked itself on my mooring which meant lumbering up and down with dinghy in tow until a message was received from the boatyard to put the boat on any vacant mooring.  At this point, it was time to go home anyway, exactly the point when the wind decided to pick up to a reasonable blow.  
However, hampered sailing is better than no sailing...  Hopefully, the weather will hold for reasonable sailing next weekend and beyond.
3.9nm; season's total 181.5nm

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