Sunday, 30 June 2019

Wells next the sea rally

Sunrise over 'Bob Hall's Sand'
I've attended the Wells rally three times now.  On the previous two occasions, the locals tried to organise an expedition down the coast, overnighting and returning on the next tide.  Unfortunately, conditions are key to pulling this off and luck wasn't on our side.
This time, it all came together...

Dawn on Saturday 29th

I rose at the crack of dawn to make use of the early flood tide.  There was no wind, but the scenery was stunning, particularly as the sun rose.

West cardinal
After reaching the west cardinal, I motored back to port.

We had berths alongside a new (to me) jetty
On the afternoon tide, we sailed west to Scolt Head island, at the entrance to of the channel to Burnham Overy.  Winds were SSE F4.  The tide along the North Norfolk coast habitually runs east from a couple of hours before HW, so we were reaching against this, but still making around 4kts.

Reaching Scolt Head Island, we anchored and played in the glorious late afternoon sunshine, waiting for the tide to drop before taking the beach.

Anchorage off Scott Head Island
Swimming between Drascombes
Daisy II beginning to settle, unfortunately with her head down the sloping bank
Beached Drascombes
The evening was spent in good company, aboard Salford, one of the boats from the Coastal Exploration Company.  Here, a rather reluctant fire was slowly cooking sausages whilst participating skippers and crew drank grog.
Our leader, Peter, had organised the charter of Salford, one of the boats from the Coastal Exploration company.

Early the following morning, we left at sunrise, taking the return tide to Wells.  Winds had freshened to F5 W, daunting at first, but perfect for the return trip.
Rita Mae enjoying the action on the return trip, Salford just visible on the horizon

Return to Wells

Reaching port

Yellow track: early morning tide, 29th June, 5,8nm;
red track: afternoon trip to Scolt Head Island, 6.8nm;
green track: return trip to Wells next the sea, early tide on 30th June, 5.5nm.
Altogether, 18.1 nm.

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  1. excellent cheers Julian -- hope to get down East one year