Friday, 26 July 2013

July 26, new anchor!

This has been a while in the planning. I've wanted to buy a second anchor for safety purposes and, having found my existing Danforth anchor a little difficult to set on occasions, decided to buy a new main anchor, and use the existing one as a kedge. Rocna anchors have performed best in PBO tests recently, so I've purchased a 6kg Rocna with 10m of 6mm chain and 25m of 10mm warp. It wasn't cheap, but I found a good deal at Seamark Nunn chandlery and they were very helpful in splicing the warp to the chain for me. It isn't the easiest of anchors to stow, but I shall have fun finding a way! Today, I anchored, as often is the case, opposite Freston. The Rocna was easy to set, held firm and even easier to gather back in. Fortunately, I shall have plenty of time to experiment further on my forthcoming cruise, starting on Sunday.

As well as the new anchor, today was about setting up the boat ready for my east coast cruise, beginning on Sunday and lasting the following week. I had to lower the mast to reconnect a 'bung washer' at the top of the jib roller reefing spar - this had a habit of coming loose. Various heavy items have been stowed, ready for use, such as the inflatable kayak. Others have been taken away for maintenance, such as the battery for charging. I've also restocked the ship's larder with plenty of hardy victuals, including copious quantities of beer and wine...
6.7nm; season's total 262.2nm

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Orwell sailing with family

An unusual departure, today.  Crew aboard Daisy II.  

Sister-in-law Gilly, nephew Kris and second-cousin-once-removed-in-law(?!)-over-from-the-USA Emily!


Emily and Kris

Gilly rows captives ashore

Winds were F3-4 north easterly.  We sailed downstream with the remaining ebb and anchored off Shotley, and then back.
9.0nm; season's total 255.6nm

Sunday, 14 July 2013

High pressure rules

Today I achieved some footage of Pamela Jean, a Drascombe Coaster new to the Orwell this season.

A sign of a good sail is the lack of need for the outboard motor which, today, remained dutifully silent throughout.  Winds were light, and steady F2/3 south easterly.  I began by working my way downstream against the tide and wind; by keeping away from the main channel, tidal currents were less strong, and progress was made.  A run upstream with the remainder of the tide was punctuated by a brief stop on the south shore of the river, to scrub the waterline which had accumulated some summer weed.  

Daisy II waiting for a scrub down
Once opposite Freston Tower, much as last week, I then turned and had a very pleasant beat in the best of the day's breeze back to the mooring.

11.7nm; Season's total: 246.5nm

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Onshore breeze

You can often count on an onshore breeze on hot sunny afternoons and today was no exception.  Setting off with all three sails on a gentle run in flukey winds upstream, by the time I had reached the turn just in front of the Orwell Bridge, the wind was beginning to pick up.  Opposite Woolverstone on the return trip, I had to furl the mizzen and pull a few turns in the jib just to put things on a more even keel...and its a privilege to have opportunities to use that phrase in its literal sense...

I managed a small clip of video in light winds on a gentle run upstream past Freston Tower.  The Orwell Bridge can be seen in the background.  I enjoy watching the bow pushing through the water.

7.6nm; season's total: 234.7nm