Saturday, 24 July 2010

Orwell cruise

Orwell Cruise; 55.6nm.  Total (with corrected rounding errors) now stands at 274.4nm.
Red track stands for 23rd.  Green for 24th.
Top speed achieved, under sail, of 6.8 knts (with the tide).  Not bad for a Coaster...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

July 18th; Reefed Main and reduced jib with no mizzen

Arrived at boat a couple of hours after low tide, made my way down to Levington, and then back upstream with the tide, anchoring up opposite Freston for afternoon coffee.  The wind switched to a more South Easterly direction, on the return.  Sailed the entire way with no use of the engine. 

Wind F3-4 with some stronger gusts, up to F5, I'd guess.  Not my favourite type of wind, since you cannot relax, and have to be on the lookout all the time, looking to pay out the mainsheet in the larger gusts.  Usually, I resort to jib and mizzen on these sort of days, but today I tried a reefed main and partially furled jib with no mizzen.  It was surprisingly effective.  It had the advantage of leaving a great deal of power - typical faster speeds of 4.5knts against the tide, and well over 5knts with the wind.  Didn't seem to point well into the wind, but certainly effective on a reach. 

9.9nm.  Season's total now stands at 218.6nm.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Drascombe Association Rally, Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Drascombe Association Rally, 8-11 July. 
8th July - white track - taking Daisy II from mooring to SYH.  10th July, red track, Saturday day sailing.
11th July, green track, morning sail.  White track, return to mooring.

On Thursday 8th, I motored Daisy II over to Suffolk Yacht Harbour and then motored back to Pin Mill in my tender.  All then set for my arrival on Friday. 
On Friday, seven boats gathered: Drascombe Coasters: Daisy II, Sapphire, Espiritu; Drascombe Longboat Cruiser: Morning Star; Drascombe Peterboat (6.0m): Peterkin; Drascombe Lugger: Lady Woodmouse; and Drascombe Dabber: Teal.  Crews gathered for a social evening in the Harbour Lights Bar/Restaurant on Friday evening - in my case, a fine plate of Fish and Chips and a pint of Adnams!
Saturday morning, forecast 3-4 Southerly.  Initially, there was no wind, and it was extremely hot.  We took the last of the flood up to Pin Mill, during which time the wind eventually joined us.  We then turned round and took the early ebb downstream, eventually rafting up for lunch opposite Trinity Container terminal.  In the afternoon, we had a fine sail around Harwich harbour.  The plan was to call in on Halfpenny pier, but there were no free berths, so we kept on sailing, and then back to SYH for about 5pm.  Fantastic day's sail.
The Saturday evening barbecue was really enjoyable.
On Sunday, winds were much gustier 3-4; this made for challenging sailing and few of us spent more than an hour or so out on the water.  A couple of boats stayed in the harbour - engine failure...!  Most boats turned for home at midday.  Disappointing, but Saturday more than made up for this.
I then drove my car round to Pin Mill, took my tender back down to SYH and returned with Daisy II.  A hugely enjoyable and really successful Drascombe Association rally - first one organised by me...

Daisy II's log registered 26.1nm.
Total now stands at: 208.7nm

Sailing in Harwich harbour - Peterkin putting a bowsprit through Espiritu!!
Day sailing in the Orwell... from foreground to background, Teal, Espiritu, and Morning Star.  It wasn't a race!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rough's Tower

Rough's Tower, an extraordinary object.  28.0nm.  Total distance now 182.6nm.