Saturday, 20 October 2012

Trip with Mum, October 20th

Today was unusual in that I had crew - possibly for the first time, this season, on the Orwell.  Unfortunately, the wind did not oblige, and our only sailing was near the end of the trip, where we sailed across the Orwell to make the most of the little breeze which had dutifully arisen.  Otherwise, today was a flat calm with no wind whatsoever.  The engine made some very strange noises on first starting, but soon warmed up and ticked over nicely as we made our way downstream, against the tide, to a picnic on the shingle shore just short of Shotley Point, opposite Trinity Container Terminal.
Me with Daisy II, container ships in background
Mum seal spotting

Daisy II hiding

7.6nm; Season's total, 436.2nm

Sunday, 14 October 2012

October 14, quick sail and a drive

Following commitments at home, this weekend, there was only really time for a quick afternoon sail, by which time a strong ebb had already set.  I quickly gave up on any idea of sailing against both the tide and a firm F3/4 breeze, and ate lunch as I motored upstream.  After this, I had a gentle sail back to the mooring.

4.3nm, Season's total: 428.6nm

At this point, the tide was already disappearing from the end of Pin Mill Hard, so I went back ashore, and drove round to have a look at Holbrook Creek from land, something I'd never previously done, although I have, once or twice, looked in from sea.  Amongst many fine boats, I counted four Drascombes.
Drascombes at Holbrook Creek

Holbrook Creek, looking south west

Holbrook Creek, looking south

Holbrook Creek; more Drascombes; looking south east
Note to self: must return by sea and stop for an evening...

Sunday, 7 October 2012

October 6, Trip to Erwarton Ness

Winds were light and mainly north westerly, today.  I motor sailed against the tide around to Harwich harbour, and then sailed up the Stour as far as Erwarton Ness, where I landed for a picnic.  
A post-lunch sail took me towards Holbrook Bay just past high water, after which I turned and sailed back towards Harwich, at which point the wind completely dropped.  I motored back to the mooring.  Outboard woes have diminished, and the engine behaved impeccably...
Picnic at Erwarton Ness, River Stour

River Stour from Erwarton, looking West

Erwarton, looking east towards Harwich docks

Mizzen Boom, still going strong...
Considering the boom was experimental, and very much intended for one season only, it is still working well coming towards the end of this second season.  During the winter, I intend altering the uphaul arrangements but, otherwise, I think I'll keep it going...

16.9nm; season's total: 424.3nm