Sunday, 27 May 2012

Return to Pin Mill

8.4nm; 101.3nm in total
Ton up!  This time last year, I'd been nearer to 150nm, but, it is still good to make it this far.

I relaunched Daisy II at Pin Mill, HW on Saturday 26th May.  This was not without its drama: a strong onshore breeze, blocked slipway (due to repair work to the PMSC jetty), and a 'low' high tide all conspired to make the launch as difficult as possible.  However, just on the cusp of HW, I managed to find sufficient water to float the boat and then use the outboard to reverse from the nest of the rear rollers on the trailer, and return to the mooring following last week's adventure at Rutland.
Having previously damaged the trailer at Pin Mill, this time I took no chances and immediately towed the trailer back to St Ives, planning to return on Sunday 27th for a sail.
On Sunday, winds were more moderate, F3 easterly and the weather was simply glorious!  I took the tide up to Ipswich docks, stopping for a bite to eat at my usual anchorage on the shore opposite Freston.  At Ipswich, traffic was heavy and I met a number of boats waiting for a large ferry to leave the docks; so I decided to turn around and, for the first time, sailed back through one of the minor arches of the Orwell Bridge.  The wind is always very flukey through here, but Daisy II  coped admirably, and the ferry was dutifully avoided.  I then had a wonderful beat back up to the mooring, returning just past HW and sailing all the way!

Daisy II has a small leak, possibly from the keel bolt just in front on the centreplate.  I have removed half a bucket of water so far - possibly built up since the start of the Rutland event.  I'll monitor this but am hopeful that, as the hull swells after a few days on the mooring, the gap will narrow.  I have had similar problems for each the past three seasons.
'Tis good to be back 'home'!  All being well, Daisy II will remain on her mooring until the Broads rally in September.  I'm attending the Walton rally in July, and then, weather permitting, am planning a cruise up the coast in late July/early August, perhaps as far as Southwold, but certainly as far as Snape, where my wife is due to play in a concert.  If we make it as far as Southwold, it will be to research the marshes beyond the harbour.  I've launched there many times, but always to go out to sea, never to venture the other way.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rutland Water Rally, 18-20 May, 2012

Purple, Saturday, Green Sunday; 21.8nm; Season's total: 93.0  Top speed 6.3knots.
This article, still in development, is an account of the Drascombe Association rally at Rutland Water, held on the weekend of 18-20 May, 2012.
Last weekend, Saturday 12th May, I collected Daisy II at 'silly hours' am, HW, at Pin Mill with the purpose of attending the Rutland Rally organised for 18-20 May, 2012.
The rally was a huge success with 11 participating boats, and a number of other boats which came along to join in at some stage.
The official participating boats were:
Drifter: Damson
Coasters: Daisy II, Sapphire 2
Luggers: Jimbo, Pelican, Piper, Tango
Dabbers: Ceol na Mara, Dottie, Freda, Karra.
The track, above, shows Daisy II's progress over the weekend.  On Sunday, green track, I did my best to colour in Whitwell Creek whilst waiting for the others to come out and play!  We then had a pleasant reach in each direction sailing along the Northern arm of the reservoir.   On the previous day, purple track, we followed the port shoreline around this reservoir, the largest man-made reservoir, by area, in the UK  (apparently, Kielder Water has a greater volume of water).  On both days, we experienced very pleasant F3 winds from the north, or north-east.  However, it was undoubtedly cold - far too cold for May...  This did not diminish the pleasure experienced by all participants, sailing in company in this wonderful environment.

Daisy II 

Daisy II, Whitwell Creek

Daisy II, Whitwell Creek

Daisy II approaching Rutland Water Sports

Lugger Jimbo

Dabbers Karra and Dottie

Dabber Ceol na Mara

A happy family of  Dabberers

Lugger Piper

Dabbers dabble together

Lugger Pelican with Dabber Karra in foreground

It's a race...Drascombes versus.... whatever those white things are...!

Dabber Dottie and Lugger Pelican

Dabber action!

Drifter Damson

Lugger Tango and Drifter Damson

Dabber Freda

Nine of the fleet

Saturday barbecue

Sadly, all good things must come to an end...!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank holiday cruise

40.8nm; season's total 71.1nm
Took the opportunity presented by the bank holiday for a stop over, including a sail down the Stour to Manningtree.  Red track from Sunday 6th, white from Monday 7th.